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Success Stories

Success Isn’t a Destination

Success Isn’t a Destination

It’s a direction. Every story of every person served by Villa of Hope is unique. They come with different circumstances and arrive by different paths.

And yet they share much in common. The potential that is innate in everyone. The need for guidance to tap into that potential. And the forward momentum that spells success. Kids who are back in school, off the streets, away from drugs, away from harm; mothers and fathers who are reunited with their families, making responsible choices, and planning for independence, are looking forward to their futures and giving back to our community.

In these stories, while there are happy endings, there isn’t a point where we close the book. Success is an ongoing struggle. The Villa offers services such as general counseling starting at age 5 in our Behavioral Health Clinic; to our 853 Day School, to Adult Supported Employment and Care Coordination. Yes, we still serve youth; but we best serve our community by continuing to assist them throughout their lives.

We are always there.

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