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Care Coordination

Villa of Hope has a commitment to individualized services; and data has shown that children with significant disabilities are more apt to attain optimal development when supported in their home and community environment. Our community programs utilize a strength-based, individualized care model to promote wellness, leading to success for the child, the adult, and the family. They cover children within the juvenile justice system; those under the Office of Mental Health umbrella; and those in foster care, leaving care, or at risk of needing foster care. Our programs also cover adults!

Our programs ensure effective interventions by implementing a collaborative partnership with the family, treatment provider(s), core waiver services and other natural supports.

Take your first step to getting services with these numbers …


Robin Wagner, LMSW
Director of Care Coordination
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Office: (585) 328-0740 ext: 535
Fax: (585) 328-0815

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Adult Care Management

Adult Care Management at the Villa comes under the umbrella of the NYS Health Homes Network. ´Health Home´ is not a physical place; it is a group of health care and service providers working together to make sure you get the care and services you need to stay healthy. Once you are enrolled in a Health Home, you will have a care manager that works with you to develop a care plan. A care plan maps out the services you need, to put you on the road to better health. Some of the services may include:

  • Connecting to health care providers,
  • Connecting to mental health and substance abuse providers,
  • Connecting to needed medications,
  • Social services (such as food, benefits, and transportation) or,
  • Other community programs that can support and assist you.

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Take your first step to getting services with these numbers …


For intake information, contact Mindy Kirby at or 585-328-0740 ext 555

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Children’s Care Management

Villa of Hope’s Case Management Program consists of Health Home Care Management for Medicaid clients, as well as Non-Medicaid Care Coordination services. We work with youth between the ages of 5 and 21, who have a qualifying mental health diagnosis or other chronic condition that affects their daily functioning. Youth that are referred to our program typically struggle with things such as aggression, depression, anxiety, conduct issues, self-harming, etc. Families that access services are often experiencing stress and crisis within the home, school, or community setting. The length of stay within the program is intended to be around 12 months.

The goal of our program is to meet the needs of the youth by developing a team of supports around the family. The team comes together to help the family reach their identified goal. Typical goals for youth in our program might include developing healthy coping mechanisms, positive family interactions, appropriate social skills and communication, or attaining academic success.

In addition, maintaining safety and promoting safe choices are always objectives while in the program. As Care Coordinators, we help by developing the team, communicating and collaborating with all team members, and facilitating the creation of plans. Our hope is that we can support and strengthen families so they feel empowered in making their own plans.

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Referrals may be made for Health Home Care Management, or Non-Medicaid Care Coordination.

Download our referral form by clicking here.

Contact the Intake Coordinator for more information at (585) 328-0740 x 549

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