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Kelly Wilmot, Chief Program Officer, 2024 Honoree for the RBJ’s Healthcare Heroes Awards

Congratulations to Kelly Wilmot on being an honoree for the RBJ’s Healthcare Heroes Awards! Thank you for believing in the individuals that we serve, enriching their lives, and leading them down the journey to recovery.

Kelly is Chief Program Officer at Villa of Hope, but also has a therapy caseload with our clients. Her duties as Chief are extensive, involving oversight of our mental health and substance use clinics; Villa of Hope School; programming with juvenile justice, workforce development and community restoration; and community care coordination.

One program she oversees is Villa of Hope’s LIFE House. The acronym stands for Live In Freedom Early, and it is a residential treatment program serving adolescents ages 13-21 with substance use disorders. Treatment includes holistic care, Evidence-Based Practices, structured groups, individual sessions, family sessions addressing life skills, vocational educational planning, on-site school, relapse prevention, psychiatric and physical health.

Kelly was Cloey Hoaglin’s therapist throughout 2022 and 2023, when Cloey lived at LIFE House, and received addiction recovery services, mental health services, and transitional services after her graduation from LIFE. Cloey, 20, wanted to make this nomination for Kelly.

In Cloey’s own words: “Kelly believed in me. During the year she was my therapist, she helped me a lot with my recovery and keeping focused on staying clean. She helped me with everything. My loneliness, isolation sometimes, getting along with others in the program, and planning for success after I got out. She encouraged me to tell my story which I did at the Villa of Hope Golf Tournament this year, to a packed room of people. I was nervous but so proud afterward!”

“Once I was leaving the program, she helped me with getting a part-time job, getting clothing, and getting food for my apartment. She helped me get my glasses.”

“Kelly is honest, she’s kind, and she cares.”

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