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Career Coach Rochester NY

Whether you’re already in a career and looking to switch things up, or wondering what your career will be in life, it’s never the wrong time to hire a career coach.

A career coach can help you find the “Why” behind what you do, not only helping you land a job and get a paycheck, but also find a meaningful career that will help you fulfill your sense of purpose and bring you joy.

With Villa of Hope, you can count on the same level of expertise and wisdom that we provide with the rest of our programs to ensure you succeed in your career goals.

career coach rochester ny

Is It Worth It to Work with a Career Coach?

Yes, it’s always worth working with a career coach. The benefit of a career coach is in the ability to provide advice for wherever you are struggling in your career development. Meanwhile, you’ll work with your coach to discover, then develop, a roadmap to success that will guide you where you want to be in life.

Professional Resume

Before you ever step into an interview room, hiring managers look at your resume to determine whether you’re a good candidate or not. We’ll help you takes your resume from drab to stellar, helping you craft an extraordinary resume and LinkedIn profile. These two professional assets are great at showcasing your skills and experience in the best light, enabling you to reach your career goals.

Interview and Job Search Consulting

Working with our career coaches, you’ll learn improved interviewing skills and ways to strategically advance your career during your job search. We’ll also help you develop your personal brand, and coach you on tactics to impress hiring managers.

Career Consulting Services

The job you want is out there, all you have to do is find it. Whether you’re struggling to find a meaningful career, or you’re uncertain of what you want to do in life, our career consultants can help you work through your current struggles and provide advice on the right path forward. We’ll recommend ways you can obtain your dream job, including vocational skills you’ll need to develop to get there.

Career Coaching

Our career coaching services are here to help you find your path in life again, whether you’re entering a new budding career, or switching careers from an already-established one. We’ll help you develop a tailored approach to the modern job market and work on areas that you are struggling with most.

A Catalyst for Career Change

All it takes for a successful career change is a little bit of preparation to gain real-world work experience, and a little bit of help to set you apart from the crowd. At Villa of Hope, we provide you with that catalyst of change with our Workforce Development program.

Teenagers through ages 21 can work with our team to explore your options and learn through paid internships across our campus. Adults ages 18+ can also enroll in our Supported Employment program, where we help you prepare for your job search, secure your employment, and stay employed throughout your budding career.

Career Discovery

Do you know what you want to do in life? Are you uncertain about what career purposes fills you with joy? At Villa of Hope, we can help you work through the available options to help you discover which careers are most fulfilling to you. Discovery starts here.

Do Career Coaches Help You Get a Job?

Yes, career coaches help you secure a job with job search and interview preparations. In addition to just landing the job, however, the team at Villa of Hope in Rochester NY also help you with career coaching advice. These unique coaching sessions are a part of our Workforce Development program and will help you stay employed and continue developing your career throughout the years.

Your career coach through Villa of Hope is dedicated to helping you build the skills necessary to impress hiring managers, direct you to resources that allow you to develop the skills necessary to succeed at the job once secured, and also manage workplace habits and communications that will keep you employed.

Work With Villa of Hope Today

No matter where you are in your job search, or what your background is in, Villa of Hope is here to help coach you through your career development.

The job market is tough today, and it can leave you feeling disappointed in your resume. Everyone feels that way at some point during job searches, but it’s important not to give up hope. We’ll help you position yourself and feel confident in your skills again.

Everyone deserves a second chance, leading a life they love with a fulfilling career. Get in touch today to see how Villa of Hope can help you start your journey towards a successful work life.

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