Children’s Care Management

Villa of Hope’s Case Management Program consists of Health Home Care Management for Medicaid clients, as well as Non-Medicaid Care Coordination services. We work with youth between the ages of 5 and 21, who have a qualifying mental health diagnosis or other chronic condition that affects their daily functioning. Youth that are referred to our program typically struggle with things such as aggression, depression, anxiety, conduct issues, self-harming, etc. Families that access services are often experiencing stress and crisis within the home, school, or community setting. The length of stay within the program is intended to be around 12 months.

The goal of our program is to meet the needs of the youth by developing a team of supports around the family. The team comes together to help the family reach their identified goal. Typical goals for youth in our program might include developing healthy coping mechanisms, positive family interactions, appropriate social skills and communication, or attaining academic success.

In addition, maintaining safety and promoting safe choices are always objectives while in the program. As Care Coordinators, we help by developing the team, communicating and collaborating with all team members, and facilitating the creation of plans. Our hope is that we can support and strengthen families so they feel empowered in making their own plans.

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