The Villa has a new service puppy!  And now she has a name!  

Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of our youth, our staff, and the community, our service puppy had lots of names to choose from! Here's the winner:

While her name has been chosen, we'd like to share just a few of the other top names and the reasons why people chose them . . . 



THANK YOU to Wegmans for sponsoring Hope's first year with the Villa!  What a wonderful 75th Anniversary gift!





Because it is inspiring and she will help us get better and represent our wonderful school; She's important to the Villa, so her name being Hope means the Villa is run by her.


Spanish for Hope


Because she looks like royalty


Short for Avalon School


Means Villa, a.k.a. Home


Because she brings us joy!; we could call her JoJo for short!


She looks beautiful and unique - like a gem!


Means new beginnings. We offer new beginnings by renewing Hope to youth & families.


Means Star


Because she is black and white; Because she's fun and cute and oreos are delicious


Representing theRoman goddess of peace and offering a positive message to bestow upon a child


She reminds me of chocolate and has a sweet personality


Jellybean Josephine is too much fun to say!


As in Sister Josephine!


Means comfort


Thank you to everyone who participated! You can continue to help support our new puppy as she provides love and care to Villa youth; your donation will help with Villa Therapy programs!



Please make a donation to Villa Therapy Programs:

More info about our puppy:

Our CEO, Chris Gullo writes:

A few weeks ago, I sent an email that I was informed by our rescue provider that she may have found a great match for Villa of Hope based on the puppy's personality and temperament. Last Friday, she brought her to campus for us to meet and it was clear she was the one!

I signed for her adoption and was able to pick her up on Saturday and spent the last couple days with her. She is 12 weeks old, a lab mix, has a wonderful temperament, great with kids, loves to play and is very, very sweet. She is black with a white patch on her neck, still potty training and very much a puppy.

The plan for her development and training is as follows:

1. She will spend the next three months in training and socialization. This means basic training commands and lots of interaction with all types of people and situations. In order to accomplish this, you will see her on campus and other Villa locations part-time making her rounds with staff, kids and visitors in order to help expose her to many different experiences.

2. At six months old (September) she will live with and be trained by a retired K9 Officer for 3 months in order to receive her Good Citizen Certificate: 

3. In December 2017, she will be ready to reside at Villa of Hope and in her role as a Service Dog to our youth and families!